L'association "BelBrand" annonce le nouveau projet "ACADEMIE DE BELBRAND’’

The project brings together all existing educational projects and initia-tives of the Association.

The Brand Management School is a unique BelBrand project aimed at solving one of the most important tasks of the development of the Belarusian society: to develop the entrepreneurial skills among citizens of the Republic of Belarus, which will help increasing the motivation to do business as a tool of the population's employment and self-employment.

The Summer Brand Management School will be held from September 24 to September 28 in the city of Pinsk on the basis of the Polesye State University. The brand management school for entrepreneurs (to-gether with the Republic's Confederation of Entrepre-neurship) will be held from September to December 2018.

The Youth Business Academy is a practice-oriented training of senior year students of higher educational institutions in the spheres of marketing, management, advertising, opening and maintaining one's business, personnel management, psychology and many other things in combination with an internship at top compa-nies in Belarus.

The internship in the field of project management at the partners of the "BelBrand" Association.

From August to October 2018, the internship at the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is held in Minsk. The total duration of the internship is four months. Ac-cording to the results, a scholarship is paid to all the interns who have coped with the curriculum; an inter-national certificate is issued and a letter of recom-mendation on the passage of the internship at the Brit-ish organization. The most successful trainees will be given an opportunity to travel to London and Bangkok to participate in the organization of film and literary festivals. And one of the interns will take the post of regional coordinator of the Eurasian Creative Guild.

The "Art in English" Project is the study of English by painters and arts historians with an emphasis on specialized vocabulary, as well as holding thematic internships and plein airs sessions abroad. The nearest internship for the laureates of the "BelBrand" Artistic Award will be held in September 2018 in the United Kingdom.

The School of Early Development is aimed at the development of non-standard thinking and the TRIZ skills in children of preschool age, preparation for the school training and in English. We invite everyone to take part in the projects of the Association, increase one's professional level, and acquire new knowledge and promising contacts.

The "BelBrand" Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

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