L'association "BelBrand" décerne des certificats de promotion d'un an à 5 projets du concours pour la jeunesse de la république "100 idées pour la Biélorussie"

The final stage of the republic's youth contest "100 Ideas for Belarus" was held in Minsk on April 11-12. The seventh season of the project brought together 120 youth initiatives in 16 nominations.

The Republican Expert Council, which includes representatives of the "BelBrand" Association, selected the best projects. Their authors were awarded commemorative awards. The "BelBrand" Association presented certificates for promotion during the year to 5 projects:

1. Extraction and study of the qualitative and quantitative composition of the essential oil of European fennel Project author: Daria Cheprasova, pupil of 9 "A" class, Secondary School No. 101 of Minsk

2. Eichornia, or water hyacinth – a natural filter for water bodies Project author: Kravtsov, Stanislav Alexandrovich, from the State Educational Establishment (SEE) "Luninets Gymnasium".

3. Ekozol-2, or a new use of casein-impregnated materials for the prevention of fires Project author: Daria Zalesskaya, a pupil of the 11 "B" form of the SEE "Starobin Secondary School of Soligorsk District; project manager Natalia N. Grinko.

4. Water leakage detector and signaller Project author: Nikolai Andreichikov, the State Establishment "Baranovichi District Educational and Methodical Study". Project manager: Vasily Andreichikov, Methodist of the State Establishment "Baranovichi District Educational and Methodical Study".

5. The working model of an eco-energy-efficient residential building of the children's recreation camp Project author: Alexei Totchik, a pupil of the SEE "Secondary School No. 27 of Grodno".