Séminaire sur la lutte contre la propagation de contrefaçons sur Internet à Minsk

On September 27, a seminar entitled "Peculiarities of Protecting Intellectual Property and Combating the Spread of Counterfeits on the Internet" was held in Minsk. The seminar became a key component of the 6th Minsk International Forum on the Protection of Intellec-tual Property.

Samat Aliev, an assistant to the Member of the Board (Minister) on Economy and Financial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission, addressed the semi-nar participants with a welcoming speech. The moder-ator was Albert Taipov, the Chairman of the "BelBrand" Association.

The forum was attended by representatives of minis-tries and departments of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, officials the judicial branch of power, patent attorneys of the Republic of Belarus, representatives of the Association of European Busi-nesses, Philip Morris International, and members of the business communities of Belarus and Russia. Yuri Vopilov, Director General of the "Brand Monitor" Company, a member of the Association of E-commerce Companies (Russia), made a presentation on "Effective methods of protecting intellectual proper-ty on the Internet". Valentin Rachkovsky, the manag-ing partner of the "BelBrand Consult" LLC, a patent attorney of the Republic of Belarus, spoke about the practice of protecting a trademark from damage on the Internet. Raisa Kozorezova, Judge of the Intellectual Property Panel of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Bela-rus, made a report "On Judicial Practice in Intellectual Property Cases". Alexei Bichurin, the Head of the Centre for the Collective Management of the National Centre for Intellectual Property, informed the seminar participants about the problems of protecting copyright from infringements on the Internet.

The topical issues of harmonization of the legislation of the EAEU member states on the protection of intel-lectual property rights and the fight against counterfeit proliferation on the Internet were covered by Sergey Losev, a leading researcher at the National Centre for Law and Legal Research of the Republic of Belarus. Each topic provoked a lively discussion on the issues of intellectual property rights protection on the Internet and counterfeit distribution via the Internet. Presenta-tions of speakers at the seminar can be found here.